The Bare Grills Food Challenge is back!

The rules are simple, you have 60 minutes to polish off everything on the plate (excluding bones), on your own, without help, and no cheating!

If you succeed within the time limit, then it's completely free. If you fail however, its £60

To participate, all you need to do is book yourself a table, and let us know in advance if you are planning to take on the challenge. Please note, the challenge is not available to order as a sharing dish. If you want to share some tasty BBQ, we do have sharing options (such as the Tower) available

Check out some of the attempts from some well known competitive eaters. please note, the challenge has changed over the years, some additions, some removals, so the food in the current challenge is listed in the above poster, and not necessarily what is shown in these videos

And for those who asked, the current record for completing the challenge is held by leah shutkever with an impression time of just under 17 minutes